I'm, Jen,  just a girl from North Wales who's gradually worked her way down to the south coast of England with plans of traveling the World! What I lack in height I make up for in heart and adventure.


Having spent much of the past 20 years soul searching and seeking my purpose, I have come to realise I am a teacher and storyteller at heart. 

I’m also a wife, a mama, and so much more, seeking to serve others in the best way I can -  by showing up unapologetically as me, with all of my perfect imperfections in tow, shining as bright as I bloomin' can in an effort to be a guiding light for others who are struggling to find their own, keeping them company as they journey to rekindle and embrace their light, so that they too can rise and shine like the super nova they were born to be!

I'm on a mission to guide courageous women just like you who are done with being swept along the conveyor belt of life and are ready to embrace radical change, through a process of unbecoming everything people told you you should be so you can become who you were born be, YOU, creating a meaningful life aligned with your core values,  passions and above all else FUN in the process.

If you're ready to Rise and Shine but unsure of where to even start or seem to have misplaced your light, I'm your gal, I've got you! 


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What  makes  me  the  best  person  to  help  you? 

Well, my mission is simple: I  neverwant anyone to feel the way I used to feel, to me, it is simply unacceptable that any should have to feel that way. Lost, existing, exhausted, alone. A shell of the person I knew deep down I was supposed to be.

Back in 2014, I was stood in the master bedroom of my husband and I's newly purchased first home, paint brush in hand, tears silently streaming down my face with Queens ‘I’m going slightly mad’ ironically playing on the radio. For anyone looking in, I had the perfect life. Great job, amazing (and gorgeous) partner, a home to call my own - IN LONDON, friends, family every 'check box' was ticked but on the inside was a very different story. I felt like an empty shell, broken, living a lie and feeling like a b*tch for not being grateful for all I had.  


So here I was, stood in our bedroom.  I’d just come home from a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) session where my therapist had cut the session short and instructed me to go straight to A&E because I was ‘in crisis.’ 


I hadn't. I'd gone home and painted my bedroom instead, and over the next days and weeks pieces of me appeared to splinter and shatter as I descended into a very dark place for the third time in my life.

But it was a breakdown that was to be my greatest breakthrough. My unbecoming

The culmination of fifteen years of crippling anxiety, depression and self harm that had manifested in so many ways; cutting, over eating, starvation, excessive drinking, excessive exercise, agoraphobia and shutting myself away from the world, from myself. 


I believed I was utterly broken. Broken beyond repair. 


But I wasn’t, no-one is. I had simply lost my way, forgotten who I was in the midst of twisting and contorting myself out of shape to fit others ideals, societies ‘tick’ boxes of what success ‘should’ look like. These constant pressures of shoulds and musts were eroding my soul, creating a chasm, a void deep inside me that I hopelessly tried to fill.


It was this unravelling, this unbecoming that has enabled me to become the woman I am today. A woman I have learned to know and love deeply, imperfections and all. A woman who has accomplished things I never dreamed myself capable of. A woman who doesn't get it right all the time (far from it) and certainly doesn't have all her sh*t together, but a woman who loves life, loves people, loves serving and helping others and just generally being a pal whilst doing her best everyday at being the woman, wife, mother and friend she wants to be, laughing hysterically when it all goes wrong (and, let's be honest, sometimes having a rant, a cry and a big glass of Baileys). Hey, I'm real not perfect!


 My life these days  is one I'm incredibly proud of. It's a life aligned with my core values (freedom and fun), full of people and things that bring me joy with my mission at its centre. 


A mission to help other driven, courageous women free themselves from the shackles of should and must once and for all, unbecome everything they were told they 'should' be so they can become who they were born to be, to rise and shine like the frickin' super novas' they are and in doing so enabling others to realise its possible for them to do the same. I believe these amazing women who are standing in their power, shining their light will start a revolution, these are the awakened women leading the way, these are the meaning makers and the world needs them now more than ever because in the words of Bob Dylan, "Oh the times they are a changing"...

I believe every woman deserves to live a life of her choosing, a meaningful life of  her design. 



Are you ready to Rise and Shine? 

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If you're ready to join BEcoming YOU© the 12 week transformational personal development programme:

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You should see her since she gave herself permission to rise!

You’ll  love  working  with  me  if…

 - you appreciate a straight talking approach 

 - you are willing to put 'your big girl pants' on and be challenged and stretched

     beyond your comfort zone

 - you like a giggle , a bit of 'goofy' and the odd naughty word

 - you recognise the value and transformational potential of personal development

 - you like to have fun and hangout with like-minded people

 - you aren’t averse to a little sprinkling of 'woo' along with the science. 

You’ll benefit   the most  from my  programme  if…

   You  are ready to step up, take responsibility and create real, lasting change in your life but have no idea where to start

   You’ve dabbled in some personal development stuff before and are ready to deep dive

   You’ve tried various self help methods but pieces of the puzzle still seem to be missing.

   You approach new learning with curiosity, an open mind and a willingness to have  fun

   You don’t take yourself - or life too seriously - life is waaaay too important for that! (Ok, maybe you're taking life a bit seriously at

    the moment but you want that to change). Maybe your loved once keep saying you're a bit intense or not fun to be around??  

   You are Done with living a life of shoulds and musts, I mean like SO over it!

   You are ready to awaken,  step in to the Goddess of a woman you are and shine like the frickin' super nova you were born to be!

Gimme a "YESSSSSSSS!!!!"

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Just incase you're wondering, here's my definition of a Goddess

(and yes I can still be a Goddess with pants on my head)....

A Goddess is a woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

A woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and self awareness, experiences a life increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun. A woman who understand that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she chooses. A woman who isn't afraid to light the way for others whom she inspires simply by owning and embracing all of her perfect imperfections, because she knowns that accepting herself as perfectly imperfect is her key to freedom.

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Big Love,  

                       Jen xx

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