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the world needs you!

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It's time to peel back the layers of shoulds and musts that have prevented you from shining.
It's time to shed the discomfort and awkwardness you've felt.
It's time to start saying yes to YOU.

Reclaiming your youness is a right of passage for those of us that have lived our lives being 'the good girl'.
YOU have that right.
And right now, the world needs YOU!  

If you're feeling the call of revolution, it's time for you to step into your own personal evolution.



Be the change,

See the change. 

Because we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are. 

My mic drop face


Not sure if I'm speaking to you? Well, let me clarify...

The Becoming YOU challenge is for you if:


- The last 18 months has sent you into a tail spin of 'what the actual f*ck??!' and you're feeling like reevaluating EVERYTHING in your life. Overwhelm anyone? 


- You struggle with worry, anxiety and 'whatiffing' that's keeping you in an eternal cycle of just trying to get through each day. Is it wine o'clock yet?


- You let what others say and think stop you from living in full alignment with who you are."Yes mother, no mother, three bags full mother."


- You have no idea who you are anymore let alone what 'living in full alignment' is. Say what now??!



- You've reached your 'F*ck it' precipice, are ready to deep dive into rediscovering who you are and live a life that embraces ALL of your youness.  Can I get a "Hell Yes!"?


Well, get ready to serve that little voice in your head its eviction notice!

Things are about to change around here......


Join a community of women ready to take life by the balls (or should that be boobs??), deep dive into a journey of personal development and emerge empoweredimpassioned and transformed


In just 5 days, journey through the looking glass and start to love what you see;A woman who is ready to stand in her power, own her light and shine it like the frickin' super nova she was born to be. 



The Dalai Lama said: "The world will be saved by the western woman."



I believe that woman is you.



Are you ready for the ride of your life?

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(P.S...Stop kidding yourself. You were BORN  ready!)

Tara Louise


For years it's been all about the kids and doing the best I could for them. But at some point, they get older, you look up and realise you have no idea who you are anymore beyond "mum."

That happened for me a few years ago. After some delving I got a little closer to my identity, But I also felt a bit like a chameleon and as though I never really got to the REAL me. 

That was until I came across Jen and her work.

I've done a lot of personal development and mindset work, but this had many things I'd not come across before and it blew my mind.

I'm much more excited about who I am and what I want from life and feel ready for my next chapter (watch out peeps)! Thank you Jen. 

Emma Blackley


I am so grateful I was introduced to Jen. For many years I've felt like I was 'stuck in a rut' so to speak. After having my four children, my life changed so much and the responsibilities of parenting and lack of financial security really did weigh me down . I lost me along the way. 

Since being a part of this amazing programme, it has enabled me to dig deep into my beliefs and core values, shift the way I think about the past and begin to realise my goals. Not only that, I am confident I can achieve them. I feel happier and more positive and my self-esteem is definitely improving.

Jen has offered so much support and I really appreciate the help and guidance she has given me.

  I wish I had done this sooner! 

Jenny Milway


The arrival of our third and final child was the start of a new journey in my life. Jen had just announced her free 5 day challenge, and I jumped at the chance to get a taste of what it is she does to guide and coach others.


My brain was BUZZING at the end of the 5 days. I'd had so many light bulb moments and chewed my husbands ear off about some of the content covered.

The impact Jen and her work has had on my life is profound

Untitled design-10.png

Much of this past year has been spent in anticipation of 'getting back to normal.' But what if our 'normal' isn't actually normal at all?



What if this is our chance to create a new normal that's not just 'normal' (ugh don't you hate magnolia and Radio 2?) , but extraordinary?!


 Because I'll tell you one thing I've learnt on my own revolutions around the sun thus far:


The extraordinary  happens when we begin to pay attention to the extra ordinary. 

(feel free to drop in another micdrop there)

As one lovely client says:

"Jen, every time I listen to you I have a lightbulb moment."

But here's the thing, the stuff I say isn't super clever or smart, (yes, I have a degree but only a 2:2 because well, alcohol and getting in my own damn way). I am by NO means a 'guru.'


I just spent YEARS worrying about what other people said or thought, trying to please everyone, do ALL the things, be ALL the things to all people (because god forbid anyone not like me, I would DIE) .

Those years took a lot of time and a lot of energy and do you know where it got me?

Into a deep dark hole where suicide felt like the only out. Yep. No joke.

But, on the morning of my planned suicide I had a profound experience that brought me back from the brink of oblivion  and in the years that followed, my epiphany gained clarity:

What if, instead of trying to please everyone else, I pleased MYSELF first? (that's  please not pleasure but you know, either's good!)

What if everyone did that? Surely the entire planet would be in a much better mood and less judgey and mean to others if each of us took responsibility for our own joy?

And that's where I got stuck. For a LONG time.  


What DOES bring me joy?  All I know how to do is make other people happy. Who AM I?

What do I like?

What's MY special little unique superpower that I can bring to the party? 

That is where my journey started.


And now, my journey has brought me to you.

If you're still reading, I'm willing to hazard a guess that you're at some kind of  cross road in your life? A decision needs to be made, and, maybe you're not even conscious of what that even is yet  but you can feel it in your bones, or maybe even deeper than that?


Perhaps you're feeling it in your soul, whatever 'it' is.....

I don't believe in coincidence, our paths have crossed for a reason. 

Let me help you.

It would be my honour and privilege.


Are you ready to hold up the looking glass and shine a light so that you can finally see you, your true colours? Because let me promise  you something; 


YOU are beautiful. 

I believe that we were all put on this earth to shine our own unique light, but we twist, contort and bend ourselves out of shape in an attempt to fit what we perceive to be other people's ideals of us often losing ourselves along the way. 


But quite frankly, what others think of us is non of our god damn business, and we'd have a damn sight more 'me time' if we stayed in our own lane and didn't waste precious time and energy worrying about what Dora at number 27 thinks about our new curtains. I mean seriously, how did we even get here??!

Hi! I'm Jen, and this is me in a nutshell:

Big Love,.png

join the 5 day challenge and step through the looking Glass...

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