Whoever you think you are,
I promise,
you are SO much more than that.

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Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 10.48.04.png
Ready to take a peek through the looking glass?

I know you're feeling like you dozed off somewhere in your twenties and have woken up to find yourself being surreptitiously swept along the conveyor belt of life, not entirely sure when or where you got on, let alone how the hell to get off. 

But there’s a niggling feeling that is now stirring deep inside of you. It started as a quiet whisper, a passing thought, a fleeting glance at something different, but it’s getting louder…..

We both know there’s more to life than this... 

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You’ve not been taught to question everything you were told about the world and your place in it, but what   if there IS more to life than kids, work, laundry and dishes? 


You’re feeling called to experience life as more of a human being than a human doing. While everyone else   seems happy in their coma, you feel like Sleeping Beauty stirring from her slumber.


You hear people talking about being early birds and night owls but you feel more like a permanently   confused pigeon playing cuckoo in your own life. 

Boobs to that! How about this instead?

You stop silently apologising for the fact that you want more from life.

You start to own that you’re more than just a domestic goddess/swim badge sewer/taxi driver…

(you get the jist)

You’re ready to ditch that 'JUST' from EVERY. FUCKING . LABEL you have and become who you were born to be.

Sounds good huh?
But there’s a problem. 

There’s A LOT of unlearning to be done first around all of those trixie little beliefs and behaviours that keep you firmly in your box with that lid sealed tight. You know, the things that you think are ‘just part of who you are’.

What if, most of those ‘
just who I ams’ weren’t even you in the first place? 

What if they were ‘gifted’ to you - I know, shit gift right? 

This is where I come in…(dun da da daaaaaaa)

Ready to rediscover the ‘who’ of you and step into infinite possibilities?

Let me be your eyes and ears for a little while as I guide you to turn your attention inwards, peeling back the layers of shoulds and musts that have kept you treading water in your own life.  Helping you spot those trixie little gremlins that keep sitting on the lid of your box, keeping you stuck in your current reality. 

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Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 10.48.04.png

BEcoming YOU 


A 12 Week Group Mentorship Programme designed to peel back the layers of conditioning and reveal YOU in all your glory (oo-er missus)

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After years of learning, studying and being ‘therapised’ to within an inch of my life (literally), not even feeling like I’d scratched the surface, I wanted MUCH more for you. So I’ve created it!


I know that when you don’t know who you are, you stop trusting yourself.

I’m here to lift the veil again and show you that you DO know who you are, you’ve always known; And in twelve glorious weeks together, I’m going to help you unbury you and bring YOU to the surface again. 

Here's what you get:


Six months access to my online programme consisting of twelve self-teach modules that are released weekly so you can fully immerse yourself in each module

Weekly group coaching/Q&A sessions hosted on zoom to help answer any questions or work through any challenges you're facing 

Weekly support and accountability to help you work through the modules and activities

Access to a private Facebook Group with other women on the programme so you can support and cheer each other on and hang out with other, like-minded awesome women (because if you know me, you'll know I'm ALL about community and connection!)

12 monthly instalments of




 A one off payment of



(saving over £160 when you pay in full)

The price for unlocking all of that juicy goodness hiding inside of you?

Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 10.48.04.png
Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 10.48.04.png

If you’re anything like me, I know you’ll have some reservations, or you're thinking;

"Ok Jen, this sounds amazing but…”

IF you're still reading, there's a solid chance that this programme will be suitable for you, in fact I'd go as far as to say this programme was written precisely for you.


BUT, in the interest of full transparency (and because I don't like working with boring f*ckers)...


Let me make it explicitly clear that this programme is NOT for you if you aren’t ready to step up, take responsibility, unlearn, relearn, embrace change and shine like the frickin' super nova you were born to be.

“What if I invest in myself and nothing changes?”

 “What if I'm the one person you can’t help? (Oh man, I bet that’ll be me!)”

 “What if my nearest and dearest don’t like the ‘new’ me?”

 “What if people think I’m weird? Like more weird than they already think I am?”

Ok amigo, I have three things to say to you (here's the straight talking bit):

1. Change nothing and nothing changes. Read that again. It’s far easier (and waaaay betterl) to change yourself than to change the people, places and things around you - trust me, I wasted a whole lot of years, money, houses and boyfriends trying to do it the other way around. 

2.  In the words of the fabulous Roald Dahl, “You’ll never get anywhere if you go about what-iffing like that” Capiche? 

3. Your life isn’t yours if you always care what others think, and you're fed up of that now aren't you? I mean, isn't that why you're here? 

Everything is about timing, you CAN stay where you are, and I’m not going to be that person that calls you out for that. Sometimes, we’re just not ready. And that’s okay.

But, I want you to know that if staying where you are is now getting too uncomfortable to ignore, this is where we’ll be a great team. I WANT to help you unbury that beautiful soul that's howling to get out.

And, I know that we is infinitely stronger than me. Before now, handling everything on my own only got me so far.

I needed someone on the outside, someone
objective to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I wasted so much time going in circles, feeling stuck, running the same unconscious patterns, behaviours and programmes with no-one to call me out or pull me out of the loop, the vicious cycle and dark hole I was in. 

So let me ask you if you’d like some help…


What if, one day, you discovered that you were fierce.That you are strong, and SO full of fire that you could not hold yourself back anymore, even if you tried?


What if your passion for living a life less ordinary suddenly burned brighter than your fears ever did?


What if you exercised your choice to make this day one instead of one day? 


Fancy a chat?

or if you're feeling courageous...

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Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 10.48.04.png

"There is freedom waiting for you on the breeze of the sky,

and you ask, "what if I fall?" But my darling, what if you fly?"

                                                                                                                                 Erin Hanson

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Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 10.48.04.png